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What Are the Functions and Precautions of the Infusion Set?
What Are the Functions and Precautions of the Infusion Set?

Infusion set, or infusion pump, as the name suggests, is a medical device for infusion. The traditional infusion method is to hang the liquid in the bottle or infusion bag at a high place, and use the gravity to make the liquid flow into the vein through the infusion tube, and the flow rate is manually adjusted by the clip placed on the tube, the adjustment index is to see the dripping speed (drip/min) in the dropper.

Before use, medical staff check the disinfection validity period of the disposable infusion set and whether there is any air leakage or other abnormalities in the packaging, take out the infusion set, insert the conical joint part into the infusion bottle, hang the infusion bottle on the infusion rod, exhaust the air until the liquid flows to the lower end of the infusion tube, close the regulator, and then pierce the venous needle into the sterilized vein. After fixing, untie the tourniquet and adjust the flow rate.

1. The function of the infusion set

The safety infusion set is a common medical consumable, which is aseptically processed to establish a channel between the vein and the liquid medicine for intravenous infusion. Generally, it consists of a scalp vein set or hypodermic needle, a needle cap, an infusion tube, a drug filter, a flow controller, a drip chamber, a spike and an air filter. Some infusion sets also have injection parts and injection ports.

2. Precautions for the use of the infusion set

(1) There are two types of products: gravity infusion and infusion pump. The appropriate product must be selected according to the usage scenario.

(2) If the product fails or the package is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use.

(3) One-time use, use immediately after unpacking, and destroy after use.

(4) 20 drops of distilled water is equivalent to 1ml±0.1ml.

(5) The suitable operating temperature is: 10~40℃.

(6) The storage and transportation of the safety infusion set should pay attention to moisture-proof, heat-proof, sun-proof, pressure-proof, etc.

3. Instructions for using the infusion set

(1) Before use, check whether the package is damaged and whether the sheath has fallen off, otherwise it is not allowed to use.

(2) Close the flow regulator, remove the puncture sheath, pierce the puncture into the infusion bottle, and open the air inlet cap (or insert the air inlet needle).

(3) Hang the infusion bottle upside down and squeeze the dropper by hand until the liquid enters about 1/2 of the dropper.

(4) Loosen the flow regulator, place the liquid medicine filter horizontally, exhaust the air, and then infuse.

(5) Before use, plug the infusion needle connector tightly to prevent liquid leakage.

(6) The infusion operation should be implemented and monitored by professional nursing staff.

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