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Diabetic Supplies

Diabetic Supplies

Diabetes control is a very challenging and long-term battle that requires patience, especially when you want to buy diabetic supplies needed. Therefore, we are proud to provide a one-stop overall solution for diabetes supplies. We support a full set of disposable diabetes supplies including insulin syringes, pen needles, lancets, blood collection needles, and more. According to diabetes health supplies reviews, it witnesses that Kohope has achieved great progresses in the market of cheap diabetic supplies. We, as a diabetic supply company, understand that you are living a busy life; so we are committed to making it easier.

We provide different diabetic supplies for sale, support wholesale diabetic supplies and offer perfect services from selling diabetic supplies to afterservice.

FAQs Of Diabetic Supplies

  • How Many Times Can You Reuse Diabetic Supplies?

    The diabetic medical supplies are designed for single use only and has a clear label. We do not recommend that you reuse the syringe because after the syringe is used, a small amount of liquid will remain on the wall of the barrel, which will be mixed with other liquids during the second use, causing safety hazards.

  • What Diabetic Supplies Can We Get?

    Essential testing supplies for people with diabetes include traditional lancets, insulin syringes, insulin pen needles, blood collection needles, blood collection tubes, blood collection tube holders.

  • What Is The Packaging Method Of The Diabetic Supplies?

    The sets are individually packed in Pouch consists of medical use blister,or PE bag.And usually packed 50pcs or 100pcs in inner box and then into master carton.While any other customize packing way also welcome here.

  • What Are The Sterilization Methods For Diabetic Supplies?

    Usually sterilized by ETO gas, while other methods like Gama sterilization also available, we could do according to customer requirements.

  • How Long Is The Shelf Life Of The Diabetic Supplies?

    The shelf life is usually 5 years,while some products are three years,please read the information on the packages.

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