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Factory Show
Factory Show

In order to meet the requirements of manufacturing high-quality molds, Kohope committed to start by building a good environment of the workshop, that is, to ensure a good working environment in the workshop, and we continue to carry out improvements. We have a 100,000-class clean room production workshop. Central air conditioning is installed in the whole workshop to ensure that the equipment can operate at a constant temperature and humidity environment and give full play to the maximum value of the equipment. Personnel can work in a comfortable environment to ensure that they can take care enough for the details and patience, Kohope has been committed to paying attention to the details, continuous improvement, from the environment, personnel to equipment, and so on.

Raw materials storage

When raw materials are stored in the warehouse, a storage file is created, and the quantity, time, storage location, etc. are recorded in detail, which is convenient for storage, inspection, and retrieval.

Mold warehouse

Kohope has a wealth of mold resources, we are constantly innovating and exploring new possibilities to meet clients' customized requirements for new products. Years of production experience has allowed us to build a powerful Mold warehouse. Our engineers will systematically store these for easy access and maintenance.

Kohope Medical Mold Warehouse


We have a 100,000-class clean room production workshop to ensure that your products are in a safe and relatively sterile environment during production.

Kohope Medical Automated Production Line And Clean Room

Sterilization workshop

We have a professional ETO sterilization workshop with a total of 15 sterilization equipment, which can complete the task of sterilizing goods with a capacity of 750 cubic meters at a time.

Kohope Medical Sterilization Workshop

Finished product warehouse

After the production is completed, all finished products are recorded and put into storage. The administrator will approve the inventory every day and update warehouse records.

Kohope Medical Finished Product Warehouse

Packing and transportation

We have rich packaging experience and can meet all your packaging customization requirements. With more than 15 years of exporting experience, our team could manage all transportation, logistics, distribution, Customs clearance, and documentation services for your shipments.

Kohope Medical Packaging

Kohope Medical Container