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Infusion And Transfusion

Infusion And Transfusion

Both transfusion set and infusion set come under the same purpose. But transfusion set and infusion set are used to describe different aspects of similar processes.

Gravity infusion is a common method used to deliver intermittent medications. This method is used for medications that have a limited shelf-life after admixture.

The transfer of blood and blood components has become indispensable in everyday clinical practice. Among other things, the responsible handling of patients' blood as a scarce resource is the focus of the actions of medical personnel.

According to different usage scenarios and objects, we provide clients with different material choices so that the products can meet specific user needs. Also on this basis, our customers can freely and flexibly choose the configuration of accessories, which makes the product more targeted and professional.

We have an excellent R&D team. For customers with R&D intentions and needs, we provide professional R&D services to cooperate with customers to overcome technical problems of emerging products.

Based on years of industry experience, we have many excellent raw materials and accessories partners, so we can provide more favorable prices and more professional services.

FAQs Of Infusion And Transfusion Sets

  • What Is The Packaging Method Of The Infusion And Transfusion Sets?

    The transfusion set and infusion set are packed in Blister/PE bag individually. 

  • What Are The Sterilization Methods For Infusion And Transfusion Sets?

    The transfusion set and infusion set are usually sterilized by ETO gas. While other methods like Gama sterilization also available, we could do according to customer requirements.

  • How Long Is The Shelf Life Of The Infusion And Transfusion Sets?

    The shelf life is usually 5 years,while some products are three years,please read the information on the packages.

  • Can I Reuse The Infusion And Transfusion Sets?

    No. It is extremely unhygienic to reuse equipment that comes into contact with blood. You run the risk of spreading blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis, AIDs and HIV, as well as potentially mixing different types of blood which can be extremely dangerous for the patient.

  • Where Are Infusion/Transfusion Sets Used For?

    Commonly used for infusion and blood transfusion.

  • What Are The Advantages Of Infusion Sets And Blood Transfusion Sets?

    Transparent and flexible.

    Super strong bevel-shaped spike for simple penetration.

    Kink-resistant tubing.

    Effective roller controller for precise adjustment of the infusion rate.

    Disposable non-toxic.

    Specially designed roller clamp for better flow control.

    Sharp spike vented (for bottles & bags) and non-vented (for plastic bottles) for better penetration. 

    Superior quality of latex tube for self-sealing.

    Top-quality needle.

    Available with or without air-vent.

    Non-toxic, Pyrogen Free & Sterilized by ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas.

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