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Safety IV Catheters

Safety IV Catheters

Safety IV Catheters assist lower blood exposure and contamination risk. Safety IV Catheters also help avoid unexpected needle pricks. The safety device of safety iv catheters encircles the retracted needle and produces a “click” to show that the needle is contained for handling and disposal.

Introduction Of Safety Catheters

There is a unique valve in the catheter hub that hinders blood flow from the patient's vein when first venipuncture.

Keeping a clean access site can assist prevent the transfer of bloodborne pathogens on gloves, dressings, and bedding from the patient to the nursing staff.

Once the catheter valve is in the patient's vein, the safety iv catheter is activated by attaching the Luer fitting of an infusion line which opens the valve to allow unrestricted flow.

Specification Of Safety Catheters


OD(mm)GAUGECOLOR CODE3/411 1/41 1/222 1/2
Safety type I.V.-0.7024G      yellow             

0.9022G        blue      

1.0020G        pink      


1.2018G       green     


Remark: normal size in the above table, we can also make a special size as clients' request.

Details Of Safety Catheters

Main material: PP, SUS304 stainless Steel Cannula


  • Automatic protection helps to eliminate needlestick injuries and related infections, which deploys automatically, cannot be bypassed, and requires no user activation.

  • A fully encased iv cannula safety design helps prevent needle stick injuries and blood exposure. 

  • The universal bevel allows for a wide choice of insertion angles and is designed for minimal puncture trauma.

  • The sliding shield provides greater control during one-handed insertion and threading.

Other Notes Of Safety Catheters

  • Product Conformance:

    Conform to ISO 10555-5

    In compliance with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC(CE Class: lla)

  • Quality Assurance:

    The manufacturing process is in compliance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality System.

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