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Medical Gloves

Medical Gloves

Shanghai Kohope Medical Co, Ltd. is a professional medical gloves manufacturer. We, as a medical gloves supplier and factory, spare no efforts to explore the market of medical gloves in China and provide disposable surgical gloves with low price for sale. We support cheap medical gloves bulk and wholesale. If you want to buy medical gloves, please contact us!

Introduction Of Medical Gloves

Compared with all other disposable medical gloves, medical grade latex gloves possess the top level of comfort, flexibility, and more. Latex gloves surgical have excellent protection against bacteria and viruses. At the same time, hospital latex gloves have excellent elasticity, so latex gloves for medical use are especially suitable for precise and delicate work like surgery.

However, if your skin is latex-sensitive, non latex medical gloves are unusable for you. Among the different synthetic medical grade glove types available, nitrile gloves for medical use are often preferred, since medcare nitrile gloves offer similar comfort and protection to medical latex gloves. Disposable medical nitrile gloves are made of durable, puncture-resistant material that protects users from chemicals and viruses.

There are other kinds of non latex surgical gloves, which are generally cheaper and supply a lower level of protection. Those non latex medical gloves are ideal for people who prefer cost-efficient gloves. such as cooks, gardeners, painters, and so on. They generally only need gloves to keep their hands clean, comfortable and offer protection against chemicals.

In addition to gloves materials, medical grade gloves can also be divided into powdered surgical gloves and powder free medical gloves according to the needs of users. For instance, there exist latex non powdered gloves, powder free nitrile gloves and so on. Surgical powdered gloves make it easy to slip on and off since surgical powdered gloves have powder inside, which can help us get to work quickly. However, people who are sensitive prefer powder free surgical gloves, leaving none of the residue powder. Surgical powder free gloves often show better sterility and help to prevent infections and allergic reactions, that's why surgical powder free gloves are used primarily in the medical field.

Details Of Medical Gloves

Main material: Latex, Nitrile, PE, TPE, PVC


  • Powder and Powder-free

  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL

  • Different colors are available to adapt to different preferences and user needs

  • Textured surface, fully/ finger textured for a secure grip

  • Excellent elasticity ensures comfort during wearing and operation

  • Standard length

  • Single-use only

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