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Veterinary Supplies

Veterinary Supplies

Kohope Veterinary Supplies mainly include vet syringes and needles. Veterinary needles and syringes are widely used in the protection of animal health and welfare. Even if those patients aren't people, they deserve the best animal medical supply and the highest level of care. As a veterinary supplies company, our veterinary surgical supplies are bred for performance and designed to exceed the healthcare needs of pets, and the requirements of both clients and modern veterinary practices.

Vet needles are used in veterinary intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, and intra-articular injections. Professional quality needles with aluminum hubs. Individually packaged in poly containers with color-coded needle sheaths. Latex-free. Autoclavable.

The cannulae are made from stainless steel tubing, the feature sharper veterinary bevel increases the sharpness of the needle tip and also prolongs the life of the needle, reduced coring, and less painful skin penetration.

The leak-proof joint between the hub and cannula prevents cannula from coming out of the hub during injection and the thick-walled cannula prevents needlepoint bending during repeated use.

Vet syringes are mainly divided into two categories: veterinary insulin syringes and vaccination guns. Vaccination guns come into use when multiple animals need to be vaccinated together, e.g. in livestock ranching. These allow one to quickly vaccinate the animals without consuming so many single-use syringes. 

We use high-quality material to make these veterinary medical supplies to ensure an excellent feeling of use.

FAQs Of Veterinary Supplies

  • Can We Reuse A Veterinary Needle?

    We can reuse but To avoid spreading infection, avoid going back into the vaccine (or medicine) with the same needle you used to inject an animal. Before reuse, it is recommended to sterilize the needle effectively and sufficiently.

  • How To Judge Whether The Veterinary Needle Can Continue To Be Used?

    When the needle is bent or burrs appear, please do not continue to use it and discard it immediately.

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