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Veterinary Injection Syringe

Veterinary Injection Syringe

Veterinary insulin syringes, provided by reputable veterinary syringe suppliers Kohope,  also have excellent quality. The extremely thin needle of veterinary injection syringes can easily pierce the animal's skin, reducing the animal's pain during the injection process.

Veterinary Injection Syringe  Introduction

Veterinary injection syringes are mainly divided into two categories: veterinary injection syringes of insulin and vaccination guns. Different veterinary syringe sizes have different uses.

Reusable vaccination gun which is very requested in the business sector for its unbending configuration, great hold, simple to convey and great value rates. Vaccination guns typically feature Luer-Lock connectors to which the necessary needles can be attached. The amount of vaccine to be applied can be precisely dosed so that the veterinary automatic syringe can be consecutively administered.

High-quality raw materials are used in vet syringes to achieve a good sense of use and prolong veterinary injection syringe product service life.

Veterinary Syringes for Sale Details

Main material of veterinary automatic syringe: PP, Stainless Steel, Silicone oil.

Characteristic of veterinary injection syringe:

  • Latex Free

  • Less Dead Space for reduced insulin waste.

  • Convenient Poly-bag/Blister packaging

  • Advanced UniBody Design.

  • Smooth plunger action for greater filling accuracy.

  • Auto ground needlepoint for maximum patient comfort. 

  • Bright barrel, Clear bold printing.

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