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Disposable Oral Feeding Syringes

Disposable Oral Feeding Syringes

Oral medicine syringes, called mouth syringes, are applied to dispense liquid solutions and suspensions. Disposable oral syringes can be used to give almost any medication available as a capsule or tablet as an oral liquid. Oral dosing syringes are also useful for gradually increasing or decreasing the dose of your medication, also called a taper.

Disposable Oral Syringes Introduction 

Oral medication syringes provide accurate and precise measurements of medications allowing for flexibility of dosing to meet your individual needs. Liquid medications are easier to swallow and can be helpful in small children, pets, and people who have trouble swallowing capsules or pills.

We, as one of the professional oral syringe manufacturers, provide bulk oral syringes with different sizes and support wholesale oral syringes. If you want to buy oral syringes, please send your requirements for oral dispensers, and we will reply soon.

How To Use Oral Medication Syringe? 

1. Take off the lid, push the plug into the top of the bottle.  

2. Put the oral dosing syringe tip into the hole of the plug.  

3. Pull back the plunger of the oral medication syringe to draw the medicine into the oral dispensing syringes from the bottle.  Return the plunger to the point on the scale corresponding to the dose prescribed.  

4. Turn the bottle back in the correct direction and carefully remove the syringe for oral medications from the plug.  

5. Gently place the tip of the syringe into mouth and place it on the inside of cheek.  Push the plunger down slowly and gently and spray the medicine into the inside of cheek.  Let the patient swallow it.  Never push the plunger down hard or spray medicine into the back of the patient's mouth or throat in case chokes.  

6. Remove syringes for oral use from patient's mouth.  

7. Rinse plug and syringe with warm water and let dry.

Oral Syringe Sizes

Structure Of Oral Syringes


Clear with Blue Graduations

Amber with White Graduations









Bulk Oral Syringes Details

Main material: PP, Isoprene piston, Silicone oil.


  • These oral dosing syringes have metric graduations to reduce the risk of error.

  • Clear with Blue Graduations or Amber with White Graduations

  • Leakage-proof plunger guarantee, special design to prevent the plunger from slipping out

  • Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic and pyrogen-free

  • Blister package available.

  • Different sizes of syringe for oral medications, meet different requirements. Oral Syringes are available in 8 sizes -1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 20, 50 and 60 mL

Oral Syringe VS Enteral Syringe

The oral syringe can be only used by mouth. Generally, oral dosing syringes are amber or orange in colour, unless under the condition that the patient needs a dose of more than 10mls. 

The tip of the oral medicine syringe varies from that of the enteral syringe.

Any substances given through an enteral feeding tube must be via an enteral syringe or designated enteral feeding set. Enteral syringes are currently purple in colour and clearly labelled “for oral/enteral use” to distinguish them from IV syringes.

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