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Spinal Needles

Disposable Spinal Needles

Kohope, as a spinal needle manufacturer, produces many types of spinal needles at affordable prices, including black spinal needles, pink spinal needles, pencil point spinal needles, spinal block needles, etc.In addition, we also provide comprehensive options for spinal needle parts, allowing customization and versatility in meeting specific needs.

Disposable Spinal Needle Introduction 

The spinal needles, or called spinal epidural needles, are used for lumbar puncture for spinal anesthesia. According to the different designs of the spine needle tip, disposable spinal needles are divided into spinal introducer needles and non-hurt spinal needles.

Spinal Needle Sizes And Color

OD(mm)GAUGECOLOR CODE2 1/42 1/23 1/63 1/244 1/3RWTW


Spinal Needles

0.4027G        grey               


0.4526G      brown              


0.5025G     orange              


0.5524G     purple               


0.6023G       blue                


0.7022G       black              


0.8021G      green              


0.9020G     yellow              


1.0019G      cream              


1.2018G       pink                





Spinal Needles

0.5025G     orange     

0.5524G     purple      

0.6023G       blue       

0.7022G       black     

0.8021G      green      

0.920G     yellow     

1.119G      cream     

1.218G       pink       

Remark: normal size in the above table, we can also make a special size as clients' request.

Disposable Spinal Introducer Needle Details

Main material of disposable spinal needle: PC, ABS, PP, SUS304 stainless Steel Cannula, Silicone oil.

Characteristic of Disposable Spinal Needles

Spinal Needles (AN-SI)

Disposable spinal needles manufactured from high-quality steel, with a thin-walled cannula; the smooth needle surface enables easy and atraumatic puncture

  • Transparent needle hub with magnifying effect allows quick detection of cerebrospinal fluid discharge and precise positioning of the needle tip

  • Hub with lock can keep the surface of the needle bevel joint well.

  • Mandrel grip is color-coded according to spinal block needle sizes

  • Medical grade materials (safety tested)

Types Of Spinal Needle

Since the time of first manufacture in 1891, the needles used in spinal anesthesia have been produced in different types.With the development of technology, needles are now manufactured with different tips and diameters. 

Spinal needles in current use have different structures such as Quincke, Whitacre, and Sprotte. A pencil point spinal needle is similar to the Whitacre and Sprotte type spinal needles and is available in various sizes, such as 22, 25 and 27G. 

Although the diversity in spinal needles has essentially been made to reduce post-spinal headaches, needle tips are also crucial regarding the number of cells transported into the spinal canal during spinal anesthesia application.

Current evidence of the study using different needle tips demonstrated that pencil-point spinal needle was significantly superior compared with cutting spinal needle regarding the frequency of PDPH, PDPH severity, and the use of EBP. In view of this, we recommend the use of pencil-point spinal needle in spinal anesthesia and lumbar puncture.

spinal-needle-tip.jpg  spinal-needle-tip-01.gif


Other Notes of Disposable Spinal Needle

  • Disposable Spinal Needle Product Conformance:

In compliance with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

  • Disposable Spinal Needle Quality Assurance:

Manufacturing process is in compliance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality System.

Disposable Spinal Needles For Pain Management

Disposable spinal needles are medical devices that are used in spinal anesthesia or analgesia procedures to administer local anesthetics or other drugs into the cerebrospinal fluid in the spinal canal. These needles are designed to be used only once and then disposed of to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

Disposable spinal needles come in different sizes and lengths, and the appropriate size and length are chosen based on the patient's anatomy and the specific procedure being performed. The needles are usually made of stainless steel, and they have a beveled tip that allows for smooth insertion into the spinal canal.

When using a disposable spinal needle, it's important to follow proper sterile technique to prevent infection. The skin over the puncture site is cleaned with an antiseptic solution, and the needle is inserted through the skin and into the spinal canal. Once the needle is in place, the medication is injected, and the needle is removed.

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