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Safety Products

Safety Products

The main purpose of safety needle and syringe is to use safety mechanisms to reduce the risk of needle sticks for medical staff and other personnel after using the product.

The birth of safety needle and syringe enables medical needles or products with needles to be recycled more safely after use, which greatly reduces the potential for injury and infection risks caused by not being recycled in time or due to improper recycling and disposal.

Our safety needle syringes are carefully designed and made of precision molds. The safety protection sheath of each safety needle syringe has undergone repeated experiments and clinical use tests to ensure that the needle can be locked by the safety mechanism after the safety needle syringe is used and will not loose. And this safety mechanism also effectively prevents the needle from being used twice.

FAQs Of Safety Needle And Syringe

  • How Many Types Of Safety Products Are There?

    Safety needle and syringes are divided into a wide range, and most of safety needle and syringes are involved in products containing needles.

  • Where Are Safety Products Used For?

    This type of product is mainly used to protect users from being stabbed by needles and needle-bearing products during the recycling process after use.

  • What Are The Sterilization Methods For Safety Products?

    Usually sterilized by ETO gas,while other methods like Gama sterilization also available,we could do according to customer requirements.

  • How Long Is The Shelf Life Of The Safety Products?

    The shelf life is usually 5 years,while some products are three years,please read the information on the packages.

  • How Many Times Can You Reuse Safety Products?

    Safety needle syringes are disposable products. Once the safety mechanism is activated, the needle will be locked after use. Some components of some safety needle syringes will be destroyed after the safety mechanism is activated and cannot be used again. This also effectively avoids the risk of secondary use of medical devices.

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