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Blunt Filter Needles

Blunt Filter Needles

The blunt filter needles are assembled by protective cap, needle tube, needle hub(with filter), one-way valve, adapter. The drawing-up filter straw are assembled by tube, needle hub(with filter), one-way valve, adapter. All blunt filter needles connect with syringes, so as to draw up medicine liquid from the container, with features such as filtering, prevent counter current.

Specification Of Blunt Filter Needles

Blund needleD 1.6×50 RW       white      /
D 1.6×38 RW       white      /
D 1.2×50 RW        pink       /
D 1.2×38 RW        pink       /
D 1.1×38 RW       cream     /
D 0.9×38 RW      yellow      /
D 0.8×38 RW       cream     /
Blund filter needleG 1.2×50 D RW        pink       5㎛
G 1.2×38 D RW        pink       5㎛
G 1.1×50 D RW       cream     5㎛
G 1.1×38 D RW       cream     5㎛
Side hole tip filter needleG 1.2×50 C RW        pink       5㎛
G 1.2×38 C RW        pink       5㎛
G 1.1×50 C RW       cream     5㎛
G 1.1×38 C RW       cream     5㎛
Common tip filter needleG 1.2×50 P RW        pink       5㎛
G 1.2×38 P RW        pink       5㎛
G 1.1×50 P RW       cream     5㎛
G 1.1×38 P RW       cream     5㎛
Remark: normal size in the above table, we can also make a special size as clients' request.

Details Of Blunt Filter Needles

Main material: PP, PC, ABS, SUS304 stainless Steel Cannula, Silicone oil.


  • Use cannula construction, inner puncturing needle with the inverse angle allows less hurt on tissue.

  • Outer cannula: cutting end with the inclined blade, less pain, less friction, quicker cutting.

  • Graduation on the outer cannula lets the doctor know the exact position puncturing reach, then sampling 

  • Little hurt, safe, effective.

Other Notes Of Blunt Filter Needles.

  • Product Conformance:

In compliance with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC(CE Class: l)

  • Quality Assurance:

Manufacturing process is in compliance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality System.

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