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Disposable needles are normally used for rapid delivery of liquids, or when the injected substance cannot be absorbed (as with insulin). disposable needles are also useful to deliver some medications that cannot be delivered orally. 

Kohope is one of syringe needle manufacturers, which has gained great progress in the market of needles in China. We,as a syringe needle company, believe that good raw material is an important cornerstone of high quality needles, so we select top-quality materials. We offer many kinds of syringes and needles for sale and support needles wholesale. And our price of syringe needle is competitive in the market. If you want to purchase needles, please contact us!

In addition to the material, the quality of the disposable needle mostly depends on the design and sharpness of the needle tip. There are principally two kinds of needles, short bevel, and long bevel. 

KOHOPE's production team has mastered the needle-making process skillfully. As a professional needles supplier, we can perfectly solve the problems of the sharpness of the needle tip and the smoothness and firmness of the needle tube, so as to make safe needles and better satisfy the needs of users. These high quality needles with low cost are also the core competitiveness of our Chinese needle products.

What are the Types of Needles and Their Uses?

In daily clinical treatment, drug injection is the most common treatment. This makes disposable syringes and needles the most well-known conventional medical devices.

In order to continuously improve the comfort of the treatment process, injection needles have become more and more diverse and professional in the process of continuous improvement, which is suitable for different use scenarios and adapts to different injection needs.

FAQS of Kohope Safe Disposable Needles

  • What are the types and sizes of disposable needles?

    • How many types of needles are there?

    According to different structures and usage purposes, there are different types of needles, which are adapted to different usage scenarios.

    • What are needles sizes?

    We, as a professional needles factory, have various needle types and sizes for you to choose from, and our strong R&D team can also meet clients' customized requirements for needle types and uses. If you want to buy/order syringes and needles, please send your requirements to us and we will reply as soon as possible.

  • What is the packaging method of kohope high quality needles?

    The needles are individually packed in Pouch consists of medical use blister or PE bag. And usually packed 100pcs in an inner box and then into a master carton. While any other customize packing way also welcome here.

  • What are the sterilization methods for needles in the Kohope needles factory?

    Usually sterilized by ETO gas, while other methods like Gama sterilization are also available. If you want to buy sterile needles, we could do sterilization under your customized requirements.

  • How long is the shelf life of the disposable syringe needle?

    The shelf life is usually 5 years, while some special needles have a shorter shelf life. please read the information on the packages.

  • What is the most commonly used disposable needle?

    Hypodermic needles are the most versatile and commonly used needles. These needles are suitable for many usage scenarios and have a wide variety of molds and rich materials. The needle can be adjusted according to customer requirements and expected use effects.

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