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Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol Swabs

Shanghai Kohope Medical Co, Ltd. is an alcohol swabs manufacturer. We, as an alcohol swab supplier, provide alcohol swabs at an affordable price for sale and support alcohol swabs bulk. If you want to buy alcohol swabs, please contact us!

Introduction Of Alcohol Swabs

The 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs are used to disinfect cuts, scrapes, and intact skin, make it free of contamination which could lead to potential infections. Each medical alcohol swab is packed individually in a foil packet so that alcohol doesn't evaporate and retains its properties. These alcohol swab pads are for external use only and are used in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, vaccination setups, and first aid kits to quickly and efficiently disinfect the area to be treated.

Details Of Alcohol Swabs

Main material: nonwoven


  • Premium, nonwoven material

  • Folded thick, soft fabric

  • A four-layer wrapper prevents drying out

  • Double-sealed individual foil packs (50×50mm) 

  • 100 pcs per box

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