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Isolation Gown

Isolation Gown

Shanghai Kohope Medical Co, Ltd. is a disposable isolation gowns supplier and has achieved great progress in the market of isolation gowns in China. We, as an isolation gown manufacturer, produce medical disposable isolation gowns for patients, staff, and visitors that can be used in all areas of the hospital and provide the function of preventing infection.

Introduction Of Isolation Gown

The single use isolation gowns are made of soft materials. Isolation disposable gowns are very comfortable to wear, and provide excellent breathability and personal protection. Kohope aims to produce cheap isolation gowns but with high quality.

Disposable hospital isolation gowns can effectively isolate splashed liquid, dirt, and oil. The waist of the disposable medical isolation gown is designed with a tying rope, which can adjust the waist circumference to make it more comfortable to wear. In general, protective hospital gowns are designed for single-use to prevent cross-contamination. 

We have a number of disposable isolation gowns in stock, offer disposable isolation gowns at an affordable price for sale and support disposable isolation gowns bulk and wholesale. If you want to buy isolation gowns, please contact us!

Details Of Isolation Gowns

Main material: spunbond fabric


  • Sterile/non-sterile. single-use only

  • Breathable fabric

  • Waist strap design, suitable for various body shapes

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