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Butterfly Safety Scalp Vein Sets

Butterfly Safety Scalp Vein Sets

The Safety Scalp Vein Sets are made up of a protective cap, needle tube, needle handle, tubing, needle hub, safety devices. The scalp vein infusion sets are mainly used with syringes or infusion/transfusion sets.  The uses of scalp vein set are mainly for medicine infusion and blood collection. Kohope provides good-quality safety scalp vein sets, including butterfly scalp vein sets.

Scalp Vein Set Color Code & Sizes 

OD(mm)GAUGECOLOR CODE1/25/83/41RWTWLong bevelShort bevel
0.4027G       grey        



0.4526G      brown      



0.5025G      orange     


0.5524G      purple      


0.6023G        blue       


Scalp Vein Set VS IV Cannula 

On the grounds of a recent study, using safety scalp vein sets to draw blood can cut the rate of blood breakdown in half compared with using iv fluids.  An IV catheter is used to take a blood sample.  The use of scalp vein infusion set enables to drop the possibility of patients experiencing massive bleeding, venous collapse, or nerve damage after blood draws.

Scalp Vein Set Uses

Uses of scalp vein set in the following several situations:  

Safety scalp vein set can be used for patients who require venipuncture or blood collection from a vein so as to get a blood sample for testing.  

The butterfly scalp vein set can be also applied to perform troublesome venipuncture procedures, especially for the elderly, children, and infants.  What's more, If the patient is in the dehydration and unable to drink fluids or consume enough fluid to compensate for fluid loss, the doctor may give an intravenous injection.  In addition, intravenous injection has a variety of uses in surgery, such as saline infusion and continuous suction.

二改scalp-vein-set-01.jpg  二改scalp-vein-set-02.jpg

二改scalp-vein-set-03.jpg  二改scalp-vein-set-04.jpg

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