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Safety Lancets

Safety Lancets

Kohope, as a professional disposable safety lancets manufacturer, offers high quality safety lancets for sale. By using safety seal lancets, needle-stick injuries and infections can be minimized. 

Introduction Of Safety Lancets

Safety lancets are disposable devices for getting capillary blood sampling. The blade of single use safety lancets will retract automatically after use, avoiding needlestick injuries. Disposable safety lancets are available for several puncture depths and different needle sizes.

Specification Of Safety Lancets











Details Of Safety Lancets

Main material: ABS, LDPE, Spring, SUS304 stainless Steel


  • Gamma sterilized

  • Fully enclosed needle housing keep needle hidden before and after use to prevent sharps injuries

  • Self-destructing mechanism preventing reuse of the device

  • Silicone-coated, ultra-sharp needles, various color-coded

  • Various puncture depths and needle gauges meet different patients' skin.

  • Wide range of designs providing simple, comfortable, and secure puncture

  • Easy to handle, only push button and contact activation

  • Easy-removed safety cap, twist and pull to remove

  • Precise designs for convenient finger positioning and ideal blood sample collection

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