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Medicine injection syringes are often used in combination with injection needles or other medical equipment. The purpose of hospital syringe is to extract fluid and inject it into the human body. Disposable injection syringe is typically constructed of plastic and consists of a barrel with scales, plunger, gasket and injection needle.

Shanghai Kohope Medical Co, Ltd., which is one of medical disposable syringe manufacturers, focuses on the development of syringe needles China. We, as one of syringe suppliers and syringe needle manufacturers in china, believe that top raw materials of  medicine injection syringes is an important cornerstone of high quality, so we use medical-grade PP, natural rubber, and oversea SUS304 stainless steel materials.

The disposable syringe medical product in our syringe factory is made with precision molds. And our irrigation syringe needle company selects high-quality raw materials, so the syringe injector is integrally formed, with good airtightness, excellent use feeling and superior quality.

Whether you are a doctor or not, you will fall in love with the quality and sense of use of our medical supplies syringes.

We, as one of the syringe making companies, have a wealth of production experience and R&D experience. We are committed to improving every detail of Chinese syringe to meet the development and customization requirements of clients for new products.

Disposable Injection Syringe Advantages

  • Medicine injection syringe is made with precision molds, and we select high-quality raw materials, the disposable syringe product is integrally formed, with good airtightness, excellent use feeling and superior quality.

  • The syringe needles make injections more comfortable for you. With better flow, faster injections, the needles make injects quickly and easily.

  • We have rich production experience and R&D experience and can achieve perfect details of medical supplies syringes to meet clients' customized requirements for different types of syringes.

  • Because of years of industry experience, we have more favorable disposable syringe wholesale prices and more professional and thoughtful services.

  • Disposable injection syringes have strong sterilization and safety advantages. Syringes are discarded after use, leaving no chance of cross-contamination.

  • Our injection syringe price is also another advantage. Disposable injection syringes will be much cheaper than the old reusable ones and will not require complicated maintenance.

    If you plan to purchase disposable injection syringes, Kohope will be your best choice. We are one of the leading disposable syringe manufacturers, please feel free to contact us for more information about disposable syringes wholesale prices. 

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Syringe Types And Sizes

According to the structure, syringe medical has three parts and two parts. Also, syringe disposable can be classified into the central nozzle and side nozzle type according to the prick connector. Luer slip and Luer lock.

We, as a vaccine syringe manufacturer in China, have various kinds of syringes and specifications for you to choose from, and our strong R&D team can also meet clients' customized requirements for various injection syringe types. We provide medical syringes at an affordable price for sale, if you want to purchase cheap syringes of high quality, please contact us!

Use Of Disposable Syringe

As a common medical consumable, disposable syringes are used in a variety of usage scenarios. Because of different requirements, the corresponding functions and usage methods are also different.

The most common in our daily life is the injection syringe used to inject liquid medicine or to draw blood. Common injections are generally divided into intradermal injection, subcutaneous injection, intramuscular injection, intravenous injection.

In addition, there are irrigation syringes for cleaning wounds, pre-filled syringes for portable storage and transportation of some special medicines, and professional syringes for specific purposes (such as insulin injection).

Parts Of Syringe And Its Function

How Many Times Can You Reuse a Syringe/Injector?

How Many Times Can You Reuse a Syringe/Injector?

The syringe disposable is designed for single use only and has a clear label. We do not recommend that you reuse the syringe because after the syringe is used, a small amount of liquid will remain on the wall of the barrel, which will be mixed with other liquids during the second use, causing safety hazards.

Disposable syringes are designed for single use and are clearly labeled. 

We never recommend reusing the syringes, because after the syringe is used, a few liquids will remain on the barrel wall, which will mix with other liquids during the second use, causing a safety hazard. In particular, disposable syringes and injectors are designed to be used only once and then discarded to prevent contamination and ensure accurate dosing.

Here we summarize some of the potential hazards of reusing a single-use syringe or injector:

Risk of infection:

Reusing disposable injection syringes will increase the risk of infection transmission, as the syringes may become contaminated with bacteria or viruses during the first use. Even if they are sterilized between uses, there is still a risk of infection spreading.

Reduced Accuracy:

Reuse of single-use syringes can lead to reduced accuracy in dosage measurement. The syringe's rubber plunger can become worn and distorted after repeated use, resulting in imprecise measurements and inaccurate dosing.

Needle Damage: 

The repeated insertion and removal of the needle can cause damage to the needle tip, making it difficult to penetrate the skin and potentially causing pain and discomfort to the patient.

How to Sterilize Disposable Syringes?

How to Sterilize Disposable Syringes?

Usually sterilized by ETO gas, while other methods like Gama sterilization are also available, we could do it according to customer requirements.

Sterilization of disposable syringes is necessary to ensure that they are free from microorganisms that may cause infections when they are used on patients. 

If a contaminated syringe is used on a patient, it can introduce harmful microorganisms into their body, leading to infection and potentially serious health complications. These infections are especially dangerous for patients with weakened immune systems, such as those who are undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplantation.

Sterilizing disposable syringes help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may be present on the surface of the syringe, ensuring it is safe for use with patients. This is an essential & important step in ensuring patient safety and preventing the spread of infection in healthcare settings.

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Kohope Medical Safe Disposable Syringes FAQS

  • What is the packaging method of the disposable syringe wholesale?

    The sets of syringe disposable are individually packed in Pouch consists of medical use blister, or PE bag. And usually packed 100pcs or 50pcs in inner box and then into master carton. While any other customize packing way also welcome here.

  • How long is the shelf life of the syringe?

    The shelf life is usually 5 years, while some products are three years, please read the information on the packages.

  • What is the most commonly used medical disposable syringe?

    Hypodermic syringes are the most versatile and commonly used syringes. They are suitable for many usage scenarios and have a wide variety of molds and rich materials. It can be adjusted according to customer requirements and expected use effects.

  • How are disposable medical syringes disposed of after use?

    Disposable medical syringes are designed to be disposed of after a single use to prevent the spread of infection. They should be placed in a sharps container or other designated container for safe disposal.

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