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Blood Collection Tubes

Blood Collection Tubes

We offer kinds of blood sample collection tubes, including micro blood collection tubes, mouse blood collection tubes, pediatric blood collection tubes, plastic blood collection tubes, sodium citrate blood collection tubes, vacuum blood collection tubes, veterinary blood collection tubes and so on. If you want to buy blood collection tubes, manufactured by reputable blood collection tubes manufacturer, please send your requirements to us.

Introduction Of Blood Collection Tubes

According to the action of additive, the test tubes for blood collection can be divided into different types of blood collection tubes. Among them, Coagulation-Promotion Tube and Anticoagulation Tube are the two main types of blood collection tubes. 

1.Regulation—Promotion tube:

Plain Tube is used for serum biochemistry, Immunology test, etc. Clot Activator Tube is used for serum biochemistry, immunology test, etc. Gel & Clot activator tube is used for serum biochemistry, immunology test, etc. 

2.Anticoagulation Tube:

EDTA tube is applicable for the hematology and blood cells analysis test etc. ESR tube is specially used for the determination of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate test.

PT tube is mainly used for the test of blood coagulation mechanism test. The heparin tube is used for biochemical and hematological tests etc. Glucose tube is applicable to glucose, blood sugar tolerance tests, etc.

Specification Of Blood Collection Tubes

Specification Of Blood Collection Tubes

According to the specification chart, Kohope, as a blood collection tubes manufacturer, provides different blood collection tube colors and tests. And our prices of blood collection tubes are also competitive.

Details Of Blood Collection Tubes

Main material: PETG, Butyl rubber


  • Latex-free

  • Transparent tube, easy to observe vein exsanguinate. The tube is made from intensified glass or special plastic, hard and can stand 3kg acentric force.

  • Pre-vacuum precisely fixes the quantity

  • Takes sample automatically, ensures vacuum for 2 years, tolerance <=+/-0.1. 

  • May pre-add quantificationally additive according to product's function and collecting blood volume

Other Notes Of Blood Collection Tubes

  • Product Conformance:

Conform to ISO 6710

In compliance with European Medical Device IVD 98/79/ec

  • Quality Assurance:

Manufacturing process is in compliance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality System.

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