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Proper Use of Pen Insulin Syringes
Proper Use of Pen Insulin Syringes

Insulin injectors include special insulin injectors, pen-type insulin injectors, insulin pumps, etc. Here are the steps and precautions for the correct use of pen-type insulin injectors:

1. Insulin pen and insulin refill should be used together

At present, the common pen types of insulin syringes are Owen MumFord, NovoPen, Humalog Kwikpen, Lantus Solostar, etc. The patient must first know which manufacturer's insulin pen he is using, and then must use the matching insulin refill produced by that manufacturer. Most insulin pen needles are universal. Prepare insulin, pen needles, insulin pen, medical 75% alcohol, and medical cotton swabs before injection.

2. The expiry date of the refill liquid, install the refill and pen needle

Check the properties of the liquid medicine in the refill to see if there are crystals, flocs, increased viscosity, and whether it exceeds the expiration date. In principle, insulin pen needles should be used once. This new type of needle has a small diameter and a sharp needle. At the same time, it is coated with a thin layer of lubricating silicon coating (to reduce friction with the skin and relieve pain during injection). It is precise because of this that the wall of the needle is also very thin, which reduces the strength of the needle and can only meet the requirements of one-time injection. Repeated use will cause burrs and barbs on the needle, which will not only increase the pain during injection, but also cause skin bleeding, increase the chance of skin infection, and even the needle may break in the skin. In order to avoid infection, some patients wipe the needle with an alcohol cotton ball. This method not only cannot avoid infection, but also damages the silicon coating on the needle and increases the pain during injection. The well-packaged pen needles are sterilized by medical treatment, so there is no need to worry.

3. Exhaust

Put the pen upright, turn the dose selector knob to "1" and then push it to the "0" position to discharge a drop of insulin. If no liquid medicine is discharged, please repeat this procedure until a drop of insulin is discharged. If intermediate-acting insulin and pre-mixed insulin are used, they should be turned upside down so that the drugs are mixed and exhausted. The air must be vented every time a new refill and needle are installed.

4. Select the site and disinfect

Commonly used injection sites for insulin are: abdomen (5 cm next to the belly button), outer upper arm, outer mid-thigh, and buttocks.

In order to prevent atrophy or hypertrophy of the injection site, the injection site should be rotated, such as the abdomen or buttocks after a period of injection in the left upper arm for a period of time. The speed of insulin absorption in different parts is different. In order to effectively and smoothly control blood sugar, a single part rotation can be performed, that is, multiple injections in the same part within a period of time. At this time, the distance between the two injections should be greater than 2 cm, and avoid injecting at spots or induration. After the part is selected, disinfect with 75% alcohol and wait for it to dry.

5. Injection

Before each injection, it is necessary to check whether there is a sufficient dose of insulin. If the insulin to be injected is a suspension, the insulin pen should be turned upside down about ten times until the drug solution becomes a uniform white suspension before injection. During injection, gently pinch the skin of the injection site with your left hand, and pierce the needle directly into the pinched skin with the insulin pen in your right hand, and inject the liquid medicine. After the injection, the thumb is removed from the dose knob, the needle stays under the skin for more than 10 seconds, then the needle is pulled out, and the needle eye is pressed for more than 3 minutes with a dry cotton swab.

6. Treatment after injection and storage of insulin

Put on the inner needle cap after the injection, unscrew the pen needle, discard the discarded needle, and put on the pen cap.

Generally speaking, the unopened insulin refills can be stored at 2℃~8℃ (in the refrigerator), and the refills loaded into the insulin pen after opening can be stored at room temperature (<25℃) for 1 month. Insulin refills cannot be frozen, and the frozen insulin liquid will easily lose its biological activity. The insulin pen should not be exposed to sunlight. Generally speaking, the validity period of various insulin pens after leaving the factory is generally 1 to 2 years.

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