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Updating Insulin Injection Equipment Is In Progress
Updating Insulin Injection Equipment Is In Progress

Around 180 million people worldwide are currently engaged in a difficult "long-term battle" with diabetes. Many patients have developed a fear of injections due to the need for daily insulin injections, and most patients are unwilling to inject in public. In recent years, insulin pens, which cleverly combine the appearance of a pen with an insulin syringe, have become popular on the market because they are safer and more convenient to use, with more precise dose control, and protect the privacy of patients with the disease. Currently, about four-fifths of diabetes patients in Europe use insulin pen needles, and about three-quarters of diabetes patients in Japan also use them. There are also many users in China and India. Although there are many brands of insulin pens to choose from on the market, the latest generation of insulin pens from these companies has focused on improving appearance design, convenience, and injection strength. Their research and development trends also represent the development direction of insulin pen products.

Insulin injection device "four-part"

Since insulin medication was successfully isolated and used to treat diabetes in 1921, its injection devices have been continuously developed and innovated. Insulin injections, insulin high-pressure injectors, insulin pumps, and insulin pen needles are the "four parts" in the development history of insulin injection devices.

Among them, the syringe is the most traditional insulin injection device and is still widely used today. Its biggest advantage is its low price, but because it is not designed for portability, it is not convenient to carry out, and it is more suitable for frequent injections in hospitals and homes.

Another type of insulin high-pressure injector, although no needle is needed, can cause some skin damage due to high-pressure airflow, and long-term use can also have an impact.

In addition, there is the insulin pump we see, which can be carried for a long time, but the drug delivery channel is easy to block.

Finally, a more portable and accurate insulin injection pen was developed. Although the history of use is shorter than other devices, because this medical device is specially designed according to the actual needs of patients with diabetes, it cleverly combines drugs and injection devices. It is easy to use and safe, and it quickly became the insulin injection device that is widely used today.

Insulin pen needle looks like a pen, but its internal structure is unique. The device integrates insulin and injection devices.The "ammunition", that is, insulin solution, is stored in the pen core, the pen core is placed in the pen core holder, connected to the pen body, and the pen body is an instrument designed specifically for adjusting the dose and injection. The specially designed disposable insulin pen needle has an ultra-fine and ultra-short needle, so the pain caused during injection is very mild. When using, patients only need to adjust the dose button to the required dose unit, then insert the needle into the subcutaneous tissue, and press the dose button to complete the injection. A survey of patients showed that insulin pens can greatly increase the accuracy of insulin injections, increase the comfort of treatment, reduce hospitalization rates, and improve the quality of life of patients.

Performance improvement of insulin syringes

In the past two years, there has been a surge of research and development in the market for a new generation of insulin injection pens. As most patients are reluctant to inject insulin in public, manufacturers have focused on the design of the new insulin pen needles to make them slimmer and lighter, resembling a pen more closely. This helps protect the privacy of patients' medical condition and alleviate their psychological burden associated with injections. Additionally, the new pens offer greater convenience in cartridge replacement, clearer dose readings, and easier dose correction. Through mechanical improvements, injection resistance has been reduced, helping patients overcome their fear of injections. Some products have even incorporated digital technology to achieve smart dosing. The new insulin injection pens are portable, allowing patients to carry them wherever they go. By simply pressing the automatic plunger at one end of the pen, the precise dose of insulin is delivered subcutaneously. The needle portion of this injection pen is extremely thin, resulting in virtually painless injections. With further research on injection devices, complementary insulin pen needles have also made breakthroughs in terms of injection comfort and ease of use.

Compared to previous products, the current selling points of the new generation insulin pen needles lie in their patient-friendly pen body design. They feature a larger dose adjustment window for clearer dose readings. The required injection force has been reduced by half, and the plunger rod can be pushed back directly, allowing for simple two-way dose adjustment. An audible reminder signals the completion of the injection, notifying patients that the process is finished. Furthermore, the pens can accurately measure the remaining dose in the cartridge, ensuring the accuracy of cartridge replacement. As for the accompanying consumable, the insulin pen needles have also been optimized in terms of needle and tip design to achieve painless and precise injections. Specifications have been adjusted to cater to different user groups.

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