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How to Use the Safety IV Catheter Correctly?
How to Use the Safety IV Catheter Correctly?

The core components of the IV catheter include a flexible catheter/cannula that can be placed in the blood vessel and a stainless steel puncture guide needle core. When in use, the catheter and the needle core are directly punctured into the large vein of the patient. When the catheter is fully inserted into the blood vessel, the needle core is withdrawn, and only the soft catheter is left in the blood vessel for infusion therapy.

The use of IV catheters provides convenience for patients' needs, such as surgery, infusion, or long-term intake of nutrients, avoids the pain of frequent punctures, and saves time for medical staff, which is popular.

The safety IV catheter adds a safety rebound mechanism based on the original. After use, the stainless steel needle core will automatically rebound into the protective sheath of the needle tip to avoid exposure of the needle tip and cause secondary needle stick injuries.

So how to use the IV catheter correctly?

1. Carefully select the position and sterilize it before placing the IV catheter

Before placing the catheter, the medical staff should conduct a detailed examination of the patient, mainly to check which blood vessel of the patient meets the puncture conditions according to the patient's symptoms and subsequent treatment, and carefully disinfect the part in a large area.

2. After the IV catheter is placed, choose a reasonable fixation method

After the IV catheter is placed, the medical staff should check the puncture site to ensure that the placement site is correct and suitable. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the flexible catheter and the skin are connected tightly and without a gap. In case of looseness or increased gap, effective fixing methods need to be adopted. IV dressing can be used to fix the indwelling needle.

3. Regular observation and inspection of IV catheter

After the IV catheter is placed, it needs to be observed and checked regularly to see if there is any looseness. At the same time, the sterile film covering the puncture site needs to be replaced regularly. In addition, if the safety indwelling needle is abnormal, it should be replaced immediately to prevent the catheter from being damaged and causing the liquid to flow out.

Only by taking the correct method of use can the safety IV catheter exert its function. Therefore, every step of use must be carefully checked, and the selection of the position is especially important. Before puncture, the appropriate position should be selected according to the patient's disease and subsequent treatment. For example, if the patient needs to lie on his side for a long time, the selected part should avoid the corresponding part.

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