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The History of the Replacement of Syringes
The History of the Replacement of Syringes

1. Safety syringes for human injection have experienced four generations of products in the world

(1) The first generation syringe

It is made of all glass. It has been used many times in hospitals and repeatedly cooked. It is not safe and inconvenient to use, but the cost is low. At present, it is still used in a small number of underdeveloped countries.

(2) Second-generation syringes

It is the commonly used disposable polypropylene syringe. Its disadvantage is that it is not resistant to acid and alkali, cannot be recycled, pollutes the environment, is prone to cross-infection, and has a large amount of valuable drug residues. Inexpensive lyophilized powders and vaccines for antibiotics uses second-generation disposable syringes.

(3) The third generation syringe

It is a disposable prefilling syringe, also called a prefilled needle, which is a very safe and convenient way of packaging small doses.

Prefilling syringes first appeared during World War II to meet the need for field sterile medical care in field hospitals. Prefilling syringes were brought back to the market strongly in the early 1950s, with glass prefilling syringes for the then polio vaccine program. Since then, prefilled syringes have continued to be used, mostly in the field of insulin and human growth hormone administration. Prefilling syringes have really caught on, though, over the past few years, becoming almost a must-have for injection suppliers. And most innovative liquid medicines, if appropriate, will be marketed in syringes.

(4) Fourth generation syringe

It is a needle-free safety syringe with a nitrogen-filled jacket made of glass. It is painless for instant injection. It is not widely used at present, and it has only less than ten years of experience in Europe and the United States.

2. The reason why prefilling syringes are popular is mainly due to the advantages of the product itself

Ease of use: The pharmaceutical market is changing, with an increasing number of biotech therapies and drug candidates that can only be delivered by injection, in a wide range of therapeutic areas such as multiple sclerosis, infertility, osteoporosis, hepatitis, rheumatoid Arthritis, cancer, anemia, hemophilia, psoriasis, etc. Some biotech drugs require frequent injections by patients themselves, and they benefit most from the convenience of prefilling safety syringes, which eliminate steps and make use faster and easier.

The needs of patients are the real driving force behind the development of prefilling syringes. Measuring medicines from vials and filling them into syringes is a time-consuming task that can easily be made wrong by a poorly trained person. In addition, patients with some diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis often have difficulty in accurately controlling the dosage of the medicine, and some patients even cannot hold the vial and measure the exact dosage.

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