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Special for Diabetics: Disposable Insulin Syringes
Special for Diabetics: Disposable Insulin Syringes

At present, an increasing number of people are suffering from diabetes. The most common drug for treating diabetes is insulin. In general, diabetics need insulin injections on time, and they often need to inject themselves with insulin at home. Special syringes are needed for injecting insulin. The single use insulin syringes provided by Shanghai Kohope Medical Devices Co., Ltd. are ideal, which can perfectly achieve precise dose injection, low residue and ensure a good user experience.

1. Application and performance of disposable insulin syringes

A disposable insulin syringe is a kind of medical device, which is suitable for an immediate injection of insulin into the body after suction. It is characterized by its ability to realize accurate small dose injection. The disposable insulin syringe is composed of several parts, including a protective cap, piston, barrel and plunger. Among them, the protective cap and barrel, plunger are made of PP, the piston is made of isoprene rubber, and the lubricant is made of silicone.


2. Advantages of disposable insulin syringes products

(1) Humanized design. The color of the protective cap can distinguish the strength of the insulin syringe, making it very convenient to use.

(2) The special lock design is reliable to use and can prevent the plunger from sliding out of the syringe.

(3) The needle tip of insulin safety needles is ultra-fine, so that patients will not feel pain in the injection, and also their fear can be reduced.

(4) Disposable insulin syringe is made of medical polymer material, which is very transparent and easy to observe during the injection. The scale on the syringe is made of imported ink, which adopts a special printing process, so the scale has high clarity and firmness. This product is sterile and has no hemolysis, which is an ideal product for insulin injection.

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