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Which Insulin Infusion Method Do You Choose?
Which Insulin Infusion Method Do You Choose?

"Now I'm going to start taking insulin, but should I use a syringe, an insulin pen, or an insulin pump? What are the advantages of each of them?" We believe there are still many diabetic patients who have this question. In fact, this question is very simple. Next, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these three insulin infusion methods clearly, and you will naturally understand how to choose.

1. Insulin syringes: economical and durable

There are two main types of insulin syringes. One is a common syringe with a volume of 1 ml. The patient needs to convert the unit according to the content of the insulin injection used, which is relatively troublesome; the needle of the syringe is more painful than the insulin pen. Another type of syringe is directly labeled with insulin injection units, which is more convenient to use than ordinary syringes.

In general, insulin syringes need to be used to draw insulin, and it is not convenient to carry, and it is not convenient and concealed when injecting. Despite these challenges, insulin syringes remain a cost-effective and reusable option for patients who prefer them. However, disposable insulin syringes are available, eliminating the need for multiple uses and cleanings, making injections more convenient and hygienic. The simplicity and affordability of disposable insulin syringes make them an increasingly popular option for diabetic patients who require regular insulin injections.

2. Insulin pen needles: convenient and almost painless

The insulin pen has a refill, in which insulin is stored, and the insulin pen needle is the combination of insulin and injection device. The refill of the insulin pen can be replaced, the body of the pen can adjust the dose, and the specially designed disposable needle is ultra-fine and ultra-short. When the patient is in use, adjust the dosage button to the required dosage unit, then pierce the needle into the subcutaneous tissue, and the injection can be completed by pressing the dosage button. It can be seen that the advantages of insulin pens are: eliminating the cumbersome insulin extraction process, easy to carry and use; the injection process is simpler and more concealed; the minimum infusion volume is 1 unit, and the dose is more accurate; it is more suitable for patients with poor eyesight. Retractable insulin pen needles also offer additional safety for patients who require insulin injections. By retracting the needle after each use, the risk of accidental needle sticks is reduced, 

3. Insulin pump: more precise and considerate, liberating your life

An insulin pump consists of a pump, a reservoir, and an infusion set. The liquid reservoir can hold up to 3ml of insulin. After being loaded into the pump, the guide needle at the front end of the connected infusion tube is inserted into the patient's skin with a needle injector, and then the screw motor of the insulin pump is driven by a battery to deliver insulin through a tube that is connected to the human body. The connected tube provides continuous infusion into the body.

Relatively speaking, insulin pumps can bring the following benefits: the incidence of hypoglycemia is low; the accuracy can reach 0.05 units, especially suitable for children and thin adult diabetic patients who are sensitive to small doses of insulin; easy to operate, suitable for any occasion Insulin can be infused into the body with just a few pushes of the button; the freedom of life is large; the infusion line only needs to be replaced every 4 to 7 days, with little damage to the skin; it is especially suitable for patients with irregular lives.

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