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What Kind of Syringe is Safe?
What Kind of Syringe is Safe?

At present, safety syringes are widely used. The use of safety syringes can avoid the infection of some diseases, effectively protect medical staff from the risk of acupuncture, which is safer and more hygienic.

1. Introduction of the retractable safety syringe

The retractable safety syringe comprises a syringe, a needle tube, a needle tube seat and a needle tube cover. A piston and a core bar fixed on the piston are arranged in the syringe. One end of the core bar extends outward to the outside of the syringe. The needle tube seat is arranged in the syringe and faces away from the piston. The needle tube is fixed on the needle tube seat, and the needle tube cover is arranged at the front end of the syringe and parallel to the needle tip of the syringe. The retractable safety syringe is characterized in that an elastic part is arranged at the end of the needle tube seat facing the piston. This part is floating on the needle tube seat, and the side part of the needle tube seat is provided with a switch part for controlling the expansion and contraction of the elastic part. After use, its sharp parts are effectively protected to avoid accidental injury to medical staff and others.

2. Retractable safety syringes meet WHO requirements

The purpose of the retractable safety syringe is to achieve safe injection, solve the problems of the cross infection and the professional ethics exposure of medical staff, which are caused by the reuse of the disposable syringe. WHO puts forward the following concepts for safety syringes:

1) To strengthen the protection of the injection recipients.

2) Not to cause danger to health care workers.

3) The waste produced after injection is not harmful to society.

The retractable safety syringe is based on the auto-disposal syringe, and the protection of medical staff is added to it. The structural formula is: on the basis of auto-disposal, the needle is retracted into the shell, and the sheath moves forward to protect the needle, so as to realize safe injection.

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