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What Are the Types of Insulin Syringes?
What Are the Types of Insulin Syringes?

At present, the insulin syringes on the market mainly include ordinary insulin syringes, safety insulin syringes, insulin injection pens and needle-free insulin syringes.

1. Ordinary insulin syringes

Ordinary insulin syringes are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard of one-time use, and are made of plastic. It has exquisite workmanship, sharp needles and clear graduations. After correct instruction, the patient can operate insulin injection therapy by himself, and the syringe should be replaced after it has been used once during the treatment.

2. Safety insulin syringe

The safety insulin syringe adds the safety mechanism of the needle on the basis of the ordinary insulin syringe. After use, the needle can be fixed in the protective cover to avoid the needle stick injury caused by the exposed needle, so that the patient does not have to be exposed to the risk of infection of blood-borne diseases.

3. Insulin pen needles

Insulin injection pens are usually used in conjunction with insulin pen needles. There is pre-filled insulin in the pen, which can adjust the precise dose of each injection. In this way, multiple injections can be achieved only by changing the pen needle. The pen needle occupies less space and is more portable.

Needle-free insulin syringes use high pressure to make insulin penetrate the surface of the skin in the form of a "liquid needle", penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue, and complete the injection, with low pain and accurate dosage. Because the physical needle is removed, the patient's psychological pressure and mental burden can be reduced. In addition, the needle-free injection is sprayed at a high speed in the form of a mist, and the diffusion and absorption are relatively uniform, which can avoid the occurrence of induration to a certain extent. However, needle-free syringes are relatively expensive and have high economic costs.

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