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What Are the Different Types of Common Medical Syringes?
What Are the Different Types of Common Medical Syringes?

The syringe plays a crucial role in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and comprehend different types of medical syringes in order to know which type should be used for specific medical purposes. Common medical syringes include enteral syringe, insulin syringe, irrigation syringe, hypodermic & safety syringe, and more.

Enteral syringe

An enteral syringe is a non-needle syringe. Compared with traditional spoon feeding of medication, it provides a better experience when giving liquid medication, reducing the risk of non-compliance among patients, especially children. Placing the medication in the barrel of the syringe can avoid waste caused by spillage, and the scale on the barrel can help accurately control the dosage.

Insulin syringe

The insulin syringe is designed specifically for diabetic patients who require insulin injections. Depending on the concentration of insulin, there are U-40 and U-100 types to choose from, with common specifications of 0.3 ml, 0.5 ml, and 1.0 ml. The needle of the insulin syringe is thinner and shorter than a regular injection needle to meet the requirements of insulin injection. The thinner needle can effectively reduce pain and discomfort when injecting.

Irrigation syringe

The irrigation syringe is a non-needle medical syringe commonly available in flat, ring, and bulb types. The flat and ring types are commonly used for wound irrigation to clean the area and prepare for further treatment. The bulb type is used for nasal irrigation to suction out mucus and eliminate nasal congestion.

Hypodermic & safety syringe

The hypodermic syringe is the most common type of medical syringe in daily life. To enhance safety and reduce the risk of needle stick injuries and secondary pollution during use and disposal of the syringe, the safety syringe has been gradually developed. The safety syringe uses safety measures such as retractable needles or protective sheaths to ensure that the needle won’t be exposed after use. There are also self-destructing safety syringes that destroy or lock some components of the syringe to prevent reuse.

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