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What Are the Advantages of Prefilled Syringes?
What Are the Advantages of Prefilled Syringes?

The packaging of drugs for injection has always been in vials or ampoules. It is necessary to draw the liquid into the syringe before injection. Because the operation is more cumbersome and complicated, a new filling method of prefilled syringes was later derived. Because of the complexity of the process, a fresh filling method of prefilled syringes was later derived. This concept was first produced in European and American countries for more than 30 years. It puts the liquid medicine directly into the syringe for storage, which is convenient and straightforward to use. The high-quality prefilling syringe assembly has good compatibility with the medicine. At the same time, the prefilled syringe itself has good sealing properties, and the medicine can be stored for a long time.

Ⅰ. Prefilled syringes will indeed become the main packaging method for medicines

Nowadays, in the field of drug packaging for injection, prefilled syringes greatly facilitate the filling of liquid medicines and the use of medical workers. With the development of the economy, the application fields of prefilled packaging will become wider and wider. Especially since the epidemic, more and more pharmaceutical companies have adopted and applied them in clinical practice. In the next few years, prefilled syringes will gradually replace traditional types. Glass ampoules, vials, and ordinary syringes are the inevitable result of economic development, and prefilled syringes will inevitably become the main packaging method for medicines.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of prefilled syringes?

1. The prefilled syringe is safe and reliable.  It avoided the loss caused by repeated suction after using the diluent and the risk of glass powder falling into the bottle when opening the ampoule, reducing the chance of cross-infection and secondary contamination, thereby lowering The possibility of accidents occurring.

2. The prefilled syringe saves costs for pharmaceutical companies, eliminating the need for huge production lines such as cleaning, siliconization, and baking, as well as the corresponding plant area;

3. To reduce the waste caused by the adsorption of the drug in the storage and transfer process, the prefilled syringe is of great significance, especially for expensive biochemical preparations.

4. Accurate dosage presets help pharmaceutical companies save costs and maximize benefits.

5. The prefilled syringe increases the product's added value and improves the product grade.

6. The method of quantitatively filling the liquid medicine with the filling machine is more accurate than the manual suction of the liquid medicine by the medical staff. It avoids the risk caused by the wrong dosage.

7. The name of the drug can be directly marked on the injection container, which is not easy to make mistakes in the clinic; if the easy-to-peel label is used, it is also helpful to save the patient's medication information.

8. The prefilled syringe is easy to operate, and it saves half of the time in clinical practice compared to the use of ampoules. It is especially suitable for emergency patients and keeps the rescue time for critical, urgent and severe patients by reducing intermediate links.

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