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Use and Management of Disposable Syringes and Infusion Sets
Use and Management of Disposable Syringes and Infusion Sets

The use and management of disposable syringe infusion set is an important part of hospital infection management. With the development and improvement of modern medical theory and technology, the problem of nosocomial infection has become increasingly prominent, which directly affects the quality of medical care. Improper use and management of disposable syringes and infusion sets is one of the important factors causing nosocomial infections, causing unnecessary pain and economic burden to patients and hospitals, as well as adverse social impacts. In order to improve the quality of medical care and avoid the occurrence of iatrogenic nosocomial infections, in order to ensure the safe and reliable clinical application of disposable safety infusion sets and syringes, a series of standardized management work has been carried out from procurement, supply, use and recovery over the years, receiving good results.

1. Disposable syringes and infusion sets strictly control the quality of purchases

The procurement of disposable medical supplies is the primary link of supervision. In order to ensure that the disposable medical supplies are used up within the validity period, the supply room will propose a purchase plan based on the clinical usage, and the equipment department will be responsible for the purchase. The product of the manufacturer of the device product registration certificate. And must have the manufacturer's detailed address, name, account number, approval number. The photocopies of the above certificates will be archived after being reviewed by the Nosocomial Infection Office for supervision and inspection by the health administrative department.

2. Quality inspection of disposable syringes and infusion sets

Appearance inspection: The purchased disposable syringes and infusion sets shall be inspected by special personnel: whether the product inspection report, production date, sterilization date, sterilization method, product name, qualification certificate, quantity, and instruction manual are complete and archived; Check whether the inner and outer packaging is consistent, whether the packaging is damaged, whether the marking is clear; whether the puncture needle has rust spots and stains; whether there are impurities and stains in the infusion set and syringe; whether the needle is smooth and whether there are burrs.

3. Storage, custody and distribution of disposable syringes and infusion sets

The infusion sets and disposable syringes that have passed the above tests are stored in the dedicated disposable medical supplies warehouse in the supply room. The room should be dry, ventilated and clean. Regular UV disinfection. Regularly clean floors and countertops. Items should be placed in categories, more than 20cm from the ground, 5cm from the wall, and more than 50cm from the roof. During the storage process, it is necessary to avoid extrusion and bending, which may cause air leakage and fail to achieve a sterile state.

The supply room and each clinical department should conscientiously implement the management system for the storage and distribution of disposable medical supplies, strictly follow the requirements of the management regulations for the use of disposable medical supplies issued by the Ministry of Health, and distribute and use the items in a planned order before and after they leave the factory, and check validity period frequently, register, and ensure that it is used within the validity period. When using, check the manufacturer, model, and expiration date on the small package, and strictly abide by the aseptic technique operation principle, one person, one needle, one tube to prevent infusion reactions caused by improper operation. If any abnormal situation is found during use, stop using it immediately, take a sample, record it in detail, and report it to the Nosocomial Infection Office in time to find out the cause.

4. Management of disposable syringes and infusion sets after use

The used infusion sets and disposable syringes contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, which not only pollute the environment, but also spread diseases. Therefore, the used syringes and infusion sets must be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the national medical waste management regulations. The used disposable medical supplies should be sorted and collected in special containers, and sharp instruments such as needles should be stored in anti-leakage and anti-penetration containers, put infusion sets and syringes in special medical waste bags, when the filling volume is ≤ 3/4, after being effectively sealed, it should be placed in a special closed container for temporary storage. weight. The temporary storage time shall not exceed 48 hours. The supply room will collect it regularly and then hand it over to the municipal sanitation department for centralized processing. In the process of collection and transportation, personal protection should be done well, and protective equipment such as uniform work clothes, work shoes and hats, masks, gloves, etc. should be worn, and the packaging should be prevented from damage, leakage and emergency treatment.

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