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The Usage of Prefilled Syringes
The Usage of Prefilled Syringes

A preloaded syringe, as a higher-level medicine packaging material, is not only a medical device, but also can be used as a medicine packaging system. Prefilled syringes have both functions of storing drugs and ordinary injections. Compared with the traditional medicine method, it brings many advantages to pharmaceutical companies and clinical use. At present, the first-generation all-glass syringes have been seldom used. The second generation of disposable sterile plastic syringes is widely used all over the world, although they have the advantages of low cost and convenient use. Therefore, the second-generation prefilled syringes have been widely used in Europe, America and other countries.

Prefilled syringes are mainly used for packaging and storage of high-end drugs and directly used for injection or for surgical flushing in ophthalmology, otology, orthopaedics, etc. With the continuous development of science, there will be breakthrough developments in biological preparations and generic drugs, and prefilled syringes will be the best carriers for these drugs. Prefilled syringes will be the consumer trend in the global market in the next few years. There is an introduction of the usage of prefilled syringes as follow.

Ⅰ. The filling process of pharmaceutical companies

Fill the syringe barrel (with a protective cap) with a fixed amount of medicine through the filling machine, press or screw in the piston to seal the liquid, and then install a push rod for packaging. As for products without injection needles, the pharmaceutical factory will also be equipped with corresponding needles.

Ⅱ. Use by customers

1. Injection

Take out the preloaded syringe supplied by the pharmaceutical company and remove the package to directly inject. The injection method is the same as that of an ordinary syringe.

2. Surgical irrigation

Take out the preloaded syringe supplied by the pharmaceutical company, remove the package, and install the matching flushing needle on the cone or spiral head, and then the flushing operation in the operation can be performed.

KOHOPE has strict requirements on key technology and quality control, which is why we are so confident in prefilled syringes. There are many uses for prefilled syringes, including prefilled flu vaccine syringes and prefilled saline flushing syringes. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us!

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