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Materials of Medical Gloves
Materials of Medical Gloves

1. What are the materials of medical gloves?

The common materials of medical gloves are nitrile and latex.

Disposable medical latex gloves are mainly made of natural rubber, which can also be called medical rubber gloves. The common regular gloves include rubber medical gloves, disposable sterile rubber surgical gloves.

Nitrile gloves are suitable for people who are allergic to rubber. The main advantages of them are soft and elastic which fit the hands.

In addition, there are polyethylene gloves, PVC gloves, PE inspection gloves, film inspection gloves, etc. Different gloves have different advantages and characteristics.

2. What are the characteristics of gloves of different materials?

Medical gloves are divided into sterile gloves and non sterile gloves. Clinically, medical gloves are required to have a good tension rate, wear resistance, good shape and fit, so that medical staff can better operate medical devices, which is not only responsible for medical staff, but also responsible for patients.

Take the common nitrile gloves and latex gloves, for example, both of them have similar advantages. For example, there are "slightly rough surfaces" on the surface of the gloves made of both materials, which can provide a firm grip, so that the medical staff will not slip because of the too slippery gloves when using the medical devices.

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