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How to Choose the Best Veterinary Syringe?
How to Choose the Best Veterinary Syringe?

There are some tips and principles for buying a veterinary syringe.

1. Animal size

Veterinary syringes come in different sizes. Syringes commonly used for small animals (kittens and rabbits) may not be suitable for larger animals (such as horses and elephants). Therefore, the size of the veterinary syringe must match the body size of the treated animal.

2. Materials for veterinary syringes

Many syringes are made of hard plastic, while others may be steel or chromium. In some cases, it is possible to find a combination of materials for veterinary syringes. The type of material used is often related to the durability of veterinary syringes. Which material to choose depends on your needs and frequency of use. Consider which fabric you like to use for your veterinary syringe and how long you plan to use it. Standard veterinary syringes are made of plastic and stainless steel. Stainless steel syringes can be reused many times with long service life under the condition of proper disinfection, and plastic syringes are mostly disposable syringes, such as veterinary insulin syringes. These syringes are discarded after use and cannot be reused.

3. When purchasing veterinary syringes, please ensure that the unit of measurement is easy to read and understand

Not only should the numbers be printed in easy-to-read dimensions, but the measurements should be in units you are familiar with, or you can easily convert them to accurate measurements. If you want to inject drugs or vitamins into animals with a veterinary syringe, this is very important because incorrect doses can damage the body and even be fatal. Asking other people with veterinary syringe purchasing experience is another way to help you choose the syringe that best suits your needs. Veterinarians, pharmacists, or medical supplies salespeople can usually give you a good understanding of which brands are the most popular or durable. It is also vital to purchase syringes from reputable suppliers and manufacturers to purchase high-quality veterinary syringes.

KOHOPE's veterinary syringes are mainly divided into disposable vet syringes and inoculation guns. Different sizes of veterinary syringes have different purposes. The reusable vaccination gun is trendy in the commercial field because of its non-bending structure, good grip, simple operation, an advantageous price. The inoculation gun usually has a Luer lock connector to which the necessary needles can be connected. The vaccine to be administered can be administered accurately so that the veterinary syringe can be administered continuously.

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