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How to Choose Disposable Medical Gloves?
How to Choose Disposable Medical Gloves?

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, the protection of hands has gradually attracted people's attention. In addition to the purchase of masks, alcohol disinfectants and other daily protection materials, medical gloves which used to be applied in professional fields have gradually become one of the important materials for people's daily virus protection. Most people don't know much about medical gloves, and what aspects to pay attention to when choosing medical gloves. Let's take a look at how to choose disposable medical gloves.

1. Choose a regular medical gloves manufacturer

Disposable medical gloves are mixed in the market with uneven quality. The gloves provided by formal medical gloves manufacturers should be selected to ensure complete certificates and clear identification, so as to realize product traceability and avoid unnecessary risks.

2. Choose suitable materials for disposable medical gloves 

The two most common materials of disposable medical gloves are nitrile and latex. Disposable medical grade latex gloves are made of natural rubber, with good elasticity and soft texture, which can ensure both the comfort of hands and the flexibility of gloves. For people with rubber allergies, disposable medical nitrile gloves are a good choice. It has elasticity and a relatively soft feel. 

3. Types of disposable medical gloves

In terms of application place, medical gloves are usually divided into exam gloves and surgical gloves. Medical exam gloves are generally used to inspect the oral cavity or skin surface of patients, with excellent tensile rate and strong wear resistance. Surgical gloves are commonly used in surgery, with high fit and good elasticity, convenient for doctors to operate surgical instruments, and can adapt to various weak acid and alkali environments inside human skin. 

4. The differences between surgical powder free gloves and powder gloves

Gloves on the market will also be distinguished according to powder. In the medical field, the use of powder free medical latex gloves is safer. Because the advanced powder free PU high polymer coating process is adopted in the powder free gloves, it feels soft and comfortable. Especially when the medical staff are checking or doing surgery, the powder in the medical gloves will not enter the patient's body, affecting the diagnosis or treatment results. However, for general use scenarios, powder gloves are the better choice. The powder in the glove makes it easier to put on and off the gloves, and helps to keep the user's hands dry and fresh.

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