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How Much Do You Know about a Disposable Insulin Syringe?
How Much Do You Know about a Disposable Insulin Syringe?

With the advancement of the times, our life is also improved. Technology has brought much convenience to life, but there are also many hidden dangers. For example, modern lifestyles lead to overnutrition and insufficient physical activity, resulting in an increasing number of diabetic patients. In general, genetic factors and environmental factors together lead to the occurrence of diabetes.  Diabetes’s main symptom is high blood sugar. Due to insufficient insulin secretion or the body’s insensitivity to insulin or both, the glucose in the blood cannot be effectively used and stored. Our body’s functions and organs will be more and more damaged with the time that we have the disease going by.

In daily life, the patient should strengthen physical exercise, strictly control their diet, and take as little medicine as possible. In fact, many elderly people with diabetes have to inject insulin every day to resist the onset of diabetes. Because of the inconvenience of going to the hospital every day, many patients choose to use disposable insulin syringes for injection at home. So what are the benefits of this syringe?

I. The advantages of disposable insulin syringes

First of all, to put it bluntly, it is definitely convenient. Patients with diabetes no longer have to go to the hospital every day. They spend a lot of time waiting, registering, queuing, and transportation. There is a serious threat to life when diabetes attack our body as we are on the way to the hospital, so choosing a disposable insulin syringe can bring convenience to us to inject in time when the disease occurs.

An insulin syringe is a special syringe specially developed for injecting insulin. It has a fixed specification, an integrated injection needle. With these, it minimizes the residue of the liquid medicine, and truly achieves low residue and high precision. For people with diabetes, insulin injection requires precise dose control.

Disposable insulin syringes are very safe, hygienic and non-contaminated. Each one is individually packed and only for one-time use. And it is very convenient to operate. As long as the correct guidance is given, both the elderly and the young can operate independently at home, which is convenient and hygienic. The needles of disposable insulin syringes are extremely thin, so there is no obvious pain in injection, and there is almost no damage to the skin. Each disposable insulin syringe will be marked with a scale, which is accurate and easy to read, which can bring the greatest convenience to diabetic patients.

II. The use of disposable insulin syringes

Before use, be sure to check the packaging carefully to see if there is any unsealing, dampness, or damage. And if any of the above conditions occur, please discard it immediately and do not use it. Disposable insulin syringes are individually sterilized and packaged. It must be thrown away after use and must not be reused. Only in this way can patients feel at ease when using them and truly ensure that they are free of bacteria and pollution.

After the insulin liquid is drawn, the syringe is erected vertically to remove the air until a drop of insulin is discharged.

Commonly used injection sites for insulin are: abdomen (5 cm next to the belly button), outer upper arm, outer mid-thigh, and buttocks.

Put on the protective cap after the injection, and discard the used syringe.

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