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Filtering Principles of Medical Face Masks
Filtering Principles of Medical Face Masks

Masks are daily necessities for people, and everyone is familiar with them. Today, KOHOPE will give you a brief introduction to the filtration principle of medical face masks.

Ⅰ. The filtering principles of medical face masks-Brownian motion

Because the particle size is too small, it is susceptible to the constant impact of other gas molecules, which causes its trajectory to be irregular Brownian motion. It is adsorbed on the fibre surface, the smaller the particle, the stronger the effect. The intercepting particle size is too large to penetrate the voids of the fibre and is directly captured by the fibre surface. The larger the particle size, the better the effect. Inertia is the continuous nature of the particle's motion. If the gas and the suspended particles hit the filter cloth or filter material at the same speed, the gas will change its flow direction with the holes in the filter material. At this time, the larger particles will maintain the original flow direction because of inertia, so it hits the filter material to achieve the filtering function. The larger the mass and the faster the particle, the better the filtering effect.

Ⅱ. The filtering principle of medical face masks-electrostatic attraction

Because the fibre is charged, the ultrafine particles are induced to be adsorbed on the fibre's surface. The smaller the particle size and the lighter the particle, the easier it is to be attracted.

Ⅲ. The filtering principle of medical face masks-sedimentation

The filter material captures the direct sedimentation caused by the gravity of the particles. The greater the mass, the more opportunities.

When choosing a medical face mask, it is necessary to check the mask's implementation standards, observe the product packaging and body, and see if there are clear and approved implementation standards. When purchasing a medical face mask, you should pay attention to the mask packaging instructions to determine whether the material meets the criteria. You should look at the brand of masks and choose a regular manufacturer to be guaranteed. In addition, most of the three-layer face masks are disposable and cannot be cleaned and reused. If you find that the medical face mask has expired, you should immediately replace it with a new one to ensure the protective effect.

As a professional supplier of medical supplies, our medical face masks use extensible and stable nose clips, which allows you to minimize air gaps and improve safety and protection performance under the premise of comfortable wearing. The folding design enhances the extensibility of the mask, which allows it to cover your mouth and nose more comprehensively. The earlobe face mask can reduce the pressure on the ears while providing a secure fit. The non-woven material with an excellent filtering effect and soft is comfortable to wear, suitable for long-time wearing.

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