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Disposable Syringe Sterility Testing
Disposable Syringe Sterility Testing

The syringe consists of a barrel with a small hole at the front end and a matching plunger rod. Hospital syringes are used to inject or withdraw small amounts of liquids or gases into or from otherwise inaccessible areas. When the mandrel is pulled out, the liquid or gas is sucked from the small hole at the front end of the syringe, and the liquid or gas is squeezed out when the mandrel is pushed in. The process of drawing or injecting a gas or liquid with a syringe and needle is called an injection.

Syringe is a common medical tool, mainly used to extract or inject gas or liquid with a needle. Syringe can also be used for medical equipment, containers, such as some scientific instruments in chromatography to inject through rubber septum. Syringe testing types include: medical syringes, disposable syringes, insulin syringes, oral syringes, needleless syringes, high pressure syringes, glass syringes, vaccine syringes, metal syringes, prefilled syringes, syringe rubber stoppers, canned syringes, sterile syringes, veterinary syringes, syringe syringes, etc.

1. Syringe testing items

Hospital syringe testing items include: quality testing, appearance testing, density testing, haze testing, air tightness testing, impact resistance testing, insoluble particle testing, sliding performance testing, microbial testing, sterility testing, UV absorbance testing, tightness testing, rigidity testing, torque testing, smoothness testing, adhesion strength testing, piercing force testing, compatibility testing, particle content testing, etc.

2. Syringe detection process

(1) Communication requirements: understand the items to be tested and determine the testing scope.

(2) Quotation: Quotation is made according to the testing items and testing needs.

(3) Signing: Sign a contract and a confidentiality agreement, and start testing.

(4) Completion of testing: The testing cycle will vary according to the sample and its testing items/methods, and you can consult a testing consultant for details.

(5) Issue a test report and provide post-service services.

3. The syringe can be made of plastic or glass

Usually, the syringe has a graduated scale indicating the volume of the liquid. Glass syringes can be sterilized with an autoclave, but because plastic syringes are less expensive to dispose of, most modern medical syringes are made of plastic, which further reduces the risk of blood-borne diseases. The transmission of disease, especially HIV and hepatitis, among intravenous drug users has been linked to the reuse of needles and syringes. At present, most of the syringes used for vaccination and blood drawing are made of plastic, which are only used for one-time use and are discarded after use to avoid cross-infection of infectious diseases caused by repeated use of syringes. In some cases where accuracy is not the primary concern of germs, such as quantitative chemical analysis, glass syringes are still used due to the small error of the glass syringe and the smooth movement of the push rod.

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