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Development Prospects of New Disposable Syringe Products
Development Prospects of New Disposable Syringe Products

Auto-disable syringe

The auto-disable syringe, along with disposable oral syringes, is a safety syringe that can automatically destroy itself after use by destroying part of its structure, preventing it from being reused and eliminating the possibility of cross-infections and disease transmission. It has gained worldwide attention and support from organizations such as the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and UNFPA. They have issued a joint statement calling for the use of self-destructive injectors for vaccine administration.

Safety syringe

The safe injector is designed with a special safety device integrated into the injector body. After normal injection, a specific action is required to shield the injection needle from accidental injury to the operator/disposer and to prevent the injector from being reused. With improving living standards and increased personal health awareness, people are paying more attention to the safety of users and the potential hazards of injector recycling. The safety syringe provided by syringe needle manufacturers can solve these concerns and has become increasingly popular, gradually replacing ordinary disposable injectors.

Prefilled syringe

Pre-filled injectors have a strong momentum of development globally, and economic analysts in the United States believe that in the next few years, they will become a fast-growing disposable medical product in the international medical device market. As the global demand for pre-filled injectors continues to rise, developing such products will expand the space for the domestic disposable injector market. Especially with the continuous development of new drug packaging, pre-filled packaging combines convenience of operation and resource utilization, greatly improving the hygiene safety and operational efficiency in practical use.

Needle-free syringe

With more and more convenient and easy-to-use needle-free injectors emerging in the international pharmaceutical market, economists predict that in the next few years, they will gradually occupy the market share of existing disposable injectors and become the mainstream product in the international injector market in the 21st century. We are also keeping up with the development trend of this industry and constantly researching and developing high-quality needle-free injector products for mass production.

The above new products have a broad market and will gradually replace traditional disposable injectors. To break the existing pattern of bulk production and low returns, one way is to increase investment and develop and promote high-end disposable injectors in overseas markets urgently needed. With the rapid rise of the processing industry for related products in emerging industrial countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, the center for processing and exporting low-grade medical plastic products will shift. Independent research and development of new products has become the urgent task of disposable injector product development.

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